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Il Reader’s Tech Digest di Marzo

Le novità tecnologiche del mese in pillole, a cura del Direttore Tecnico di Assodel

Un modo per approfondire le ultime novità tecnologiche dal mercato, tramite news selezionate ad hoc dal Comitato Tecnico di Assodel, che recensisce su ogni numero di A&V Elettronica white paper, note applicative e articoli provenienti da aziende leader e riviste specializzate nel settore della componentistica elettronica.

Scopri Reader’s Tech Digest di A&V Elettronica Marzo 2014, e approfondisci gli argomenti trattati leggendo gli articoli completi nell’apposita sezione di www.fortronic.it.

In questo numero:

MAR01 – The future of machine: self-aware control systems

MAR02 – What’s after CMOS?

MAR03 – Selecting the best inductor for your DC-DC converter

MAR04 – Clearly superior: exposies for optical applications

MAR05 – Enterprise memory – reducing DPPM rates by 90%

MAR06 – Measuring jitter in digital systems

MAR07 – Smarter ways to use Internet of Things

MAR08 – Making car safer through technology innovation

MAR09 – Maximize power and efficiency with Pads placement and routing

MAR10 – Bergquist thermal clad: things to consider when designing circuits

MAR11 – How improved magnetic sensing technology can increase torque in BDC motors

MAR12 – Short-range low power wireless devices and Internet of Things (IOT)

MAR13 – Implementation of a single-phase electronic watt-hour meter using the MSP430F6736

MAR14 – Selecting or specifying a driver for your LED array

MAR15 – Outdoor lighting challenges SSL component and system designers

MAR16 – NI trend watch 2014 – technology trends that accelerate your productivity

MAR17 – 10 top IoT stories of 2013

MAR18 – Understanding WLAN offload in cellular networks

MAR19 – Non-flammable electrode replacement discovered for lithium ione batteries

MAR20 – Software techniques: building more efficient motor control designs

MAR22 – Product how-to: addressing timing challenges in 6G-SDI applications

MAR23 – IR technology enhances driver safety

MAR24 – How to build a better test station

Franco Bonelli