Kemet Electronics

Bologna  Italia

KEMET è un'azienda leader mondiale per la produzione di condensatori ceramici, tantalio, elettrolitici, film e filtri antidisturbo.


KEMET Corporation is based in Florida and was set up in 1919. The company produces capacitors, such as tantalum, aluminum, multilayer ceramic, film, paper, polymer electrolytic, electromechanical devices, electromagnetic compatibility solutions and supercapacitors that are used in communication systems, data processing equipment, personal computers, cellular phones, automotive electronic systems, defense and aerospace systems, consumer electronics, power management systems and many other electronic devices and systems. The company also manufacturers a variety of electronic components such as, AC line filters, EMI cores and filters, flex suppressors, relays, metal composite inductors, ferrite products, and transformers/magnetics. 


DC Link Film (C4AQ, C4E) AC filtering (C4AF) Resonant caps (R74, R75, R76) Alu-E Snap-in Automotive (ALA7 ALA8) KC-LINK Power inductors Flex suppressor sheets Leakage Current sensor KO-CAP Auto (serie T598, T599) WPT Ferrite tiles FORTRONIC ELECTRONICS FORUM DC Link Film (C4AQ, C44U) AC filtering (C4AF, C44P-R) EMI filters Alu-E Snap-in (ALC70 ALC80) Alu-E Screw Terminal (ALS70 ALS80) KC-LINK AC Chokes Power inductors PIR Sensor KO-CAP