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Dimac Red

Dimac Red

Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 25, 20853 Biassono MB, Italia

+39 0392494856


Profilo aziendale

Dimac Red Spa is a professional sales organization, established in 1979, dedicated to serving the European market with High Reliability electronic products. Our mission is to provide customers with products and services that require a unique level of technical support. Our services include design, prototypes and subsystems production, hirel procurement activities, design analyses (WCA, FMECA, radiation) and additional screening/testing. Focused mainly on the aerospace, military, railway markets (but also on automotive, telecom and medical markets), our experienced technical engineers provide Design-In and Added Value in order to help professionals and designers use High Reliability electronic components and sub-systems. Using this resource, our customers have an easy access to a wide knowledge of the latest advanced technologies suitable for their needs.

Prodotti e servizi

Core Competences are:


Technically skilled sales engineers who focus on specialties and niche products


Long-term partnership (more than 30 years) with customers and manufacturers.


Acquisition, comprehension, design and internal development of new advanced technology in collaboration with important universities.


A network of offices throughout Europe provide comprehensive coverage to all European customers.