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Profilo aziendale

Leapers Semiconductor is an innovative developer and manufacturer of power semiconductors, SiC and IGBT modules for power electronics applications.
In Leapers Semiconductor everyone is passionate about power semiconductors. We are passionate about innovation. That’s why we put all our passion into research, development and production of power semiconductor devices.
Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with deep knowledge of wafer process, semiconductors design and packaging, quality control, product application, supply chain, customer support, sales, and marketing.
Our dedication to every detail lets us provide our partners with highly reliable silicon carbide (SiC) modules and IGBT modules for various applications like new energy vehicles, smart grid, solar and wind power generation, motor drives, medical equipment, traction, etc.

Prodotti e servizi

By using innovative advanced packaging material and processing technology, we provide comprehensive module application solutions for miniaturization, efficiency and light weighting of electrical drive systems and inverters of new energy vehicles.
Our R&D is based in Kumagaya, Japan, and supported by the top semiconductor engineers and industry veterans.
Our HQ is located in Wuxi, China.
Our current SiC power modules portfolio includes various packages with 25A to 800A, 1200/1700V.